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2021-04-16 11:20



What are the advantages of Android advertising machine?

With the rapid development of social economy, people's pace is getting faster and faster. It's too difficult for people in a hurry to remember your product. They can only use the most vivid and pictorial advertisements to capture their eyes. The LCD advertising machine is very suitable for some high-end office buildings, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, shopping malls and so on The entrance of large shopping malls and luxury stores can be used to display information and enhance the brand image of users.


The launch of Android advertising machine supporting Wan has brought new bright spots to LCD building advertising industry. This Android advertising machine based on IP access control has great advantages over the traditional plug-in card playing stand-alone building advertising machine


1. It is very convenient to maintain the advertising content: the traditional advertising machine needs to copy the content with the computer first, and then the CF card is replaced by the special personnel to the advertising machine network, resulting in a waste of human resources and low efficiency; The Internet version of the electronic advertising machine, through Internet IP access, in the office through the control of the host, will be updated directly down to the advertising machine, and can be deleted, sorted, set play rules, plug control, air broadcast control, etc. in a few minutes, all can be completed, and save a lot of labor costs.


Advertisement broadcast management becomes more flexible and faster: the traditional LCD advertising machine needs to arrange the program broadcast list in advance, how to broadcast in the network, generally it takes a long time to implement after the arrangement, and it is very inconvenient to change a round, which requires a lot of manpower; Electronic network version of the advertising machine can easily solve this problem, all outlets scheduling programs, replacement, plug-in, broadcast arrangements only need to use software control in the server management end, issue orders, it can be said that overnight an advertisement can be put on the designated outlets in each city, the speed is very fast, the labor cost is almost zero.


3. It's easier for customers to cast and change programs, and it can provide more humanized advertising broadcast control: for example, a customer can play different advertising content in turn within a week, and it's more convenient to set and change, so that customers can achieve a good return on their investment in advertising, and have greater potential to attract customers!