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2021-02-23 09:59


2、 集中控制管理:系统采用B/S架构,无需安装客户端,即可在任意一台电脑上打开IE浏览器登录控制后台,对所有终端进行任何操作管理。

3、硬件稳定:采用嵌入式架构Android 9.0操作系统,安全无版权纠纷,散热良好功耗低,满负荷不超过5W,不死机蓝屏。硬件采用工控无风扇设计,无噪音,硬件稳定。

4、 任意分屏:制作节目时可任意拉伸拖放视频播放区域及大小、flash、ppt、跑马灯字幕的字体、字号、字色、背景色、支持字幕向左、右、上、下滚动;系统自带数字日历时钟模块、天气预报模块、节目模板库,支持自行设计制作模板;提供缩略图功能,所见即所得。


6、 软件功能灵活加密控制;任意效果的节目制作;系统兼容扩展性;播放计划管理;终端独立播放;远程控制终端;远程同步时间;远程调节音量;远程实时监控;定时开关机;终端限速;离线指令;远程终端文件管理;单机播放;断点续传;记忆播放



1. The wall mounted advertising machine adopts imported LCD panel, ultra high definition display screen, aluminum alloy frame corner block, simple, fashionable and elegant design, perfect streamline. Spray technology, silver frame, black glass.

2. Centralized control and management: the system adopts B / S architecture, without installing the client, you can open IE browser on any computer, log in to the control background, and carry out any operation and management on all terminals.

3. Hardware stability: using embedded architecture Android 9.0 operating system, safe, no copyright disputes, good heat dissipation, low power consumption, full load no more than 5W, no crash blue screen. The hardware adopts industrial control fanless design, no noise and stable hardware.

4、  Any split screen: when making programs, you can stretch and drag the video playing area and size, flash, PPT, running lantern subtitle font, size, color, background color, support subtitle to scroll left, right, up and down; the system has its own digital calendar clock module, weather forecast module, program template library, support self-designed template; provide thumbnail function, WYSIWYG.

5. The special development application supports the addition of webcam function, real-time playback of the monitoring area and the return of the monitoring image. The physical key controls the playback content of the digital tag, and the DLL charging pile docking display human body induction controls the playback of the digital tag

6. Software function flexible encryption control; arbitrary effect program production; system compatibility and scalability; broadcast plan management; terminal independent broadcast; remote control terminal; remote synchronization time; remote volume adjustment; remote real-time monitoring; timing switch; terminal speed limit; offline command; remote terminal file management; single player; breakpoint continuation; memory broadcast

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