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Hangzhou Tongwang Technology Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Tongwang Science and Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in research and development, manufacture, sales and computer software development in the field of self-service equipment. It is fully committed to providing customers with professional, full-range self-service equipment in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, with more than 4000 flat plant, with a full set of numerical control, machine processing equipment, electrical equipment assembly and testing equipment.

The company has a professional team of self-service product hardware and software development engineers, including system analysts, software engineering, hardware, mechanical structure design engineers, industrial modeling and graphic arts technicians.

All production processes of Tongwang series products have strict quality control, including product trial production, production finalization, quality control of production process, testing, testing, inspection, packaging, sending and other whole process quality control procedures. After mechanical strength, surface quality, electrical high-voltage resistance test 2000V, leakage protection (25A, 0.1)

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