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About us

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Hangzhou Tongwang Science and Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in research and development, manufacture, sales and computer software development in the field of self-service equipment. It is fully committed to providing customers with professional, full-range self-service equipment in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, with more than 4000 flat plant, with a full set of numerical control, machine processing equipment, electrical equipment assembly and testing equipment.


Technological strength
The company has a professional team of self-service product hardware and software development engineers, including system analysts, software engineering, hardware, mechanical structure design engineers, industrial modeling and graphic arts technicians.


All production processes of Tongwang series products have strict quality control, including product trial production, production finalization, quality control of production process, testing, testing, inspection, packaging, sending and other whole process quality control procedures. After mechanical strength, surface quality, electrical high-voltage resistance test 2000V, leakage protection (25A, 0.1), as well as functional test of components and the whole machine, the product passes 72 hours of aging test to ensure the quality and safety of the equipment. The factory has established a strict quality system from the inspection of raw materials, to each work station, to the test of finished products. Finally, the products have to undergo strict performance and environmental testing before they leave the factory, which fully guarantees the quality of products.


Product line
Our company has been committed to 24-hour self-service terminals, intelligent conference series, multimedia information publishing system and explosion-proof infrared touch screen and other intelligent equipment accessories product development, manufacturing and sales to provide customers with specialized, full range of equipment. Tongwang Multimedia Equipment is simple and generous in appearance, compact in size, compact in internal structure, modular design of main functional accessories, easy to maintain and expand functions. The key components are imported famous brand products, special infrared anti-riot touch screen and composite anti-riot materials, dust-proof, water-proof and anti-violence.

market size
Through several years of unremitting efforts, Tongwang constantly improves the company's management system and process, shapes the enterprise culture, and gradually forms the core values of the enterprise. With excellent product performance, perfect software development system, flexible sales methods and high-quality after-sales service, we have established excellent self-service system service providers in various fields such as domestic finance, government, sports, colleges, telecommunications, power and so on. Excellent touch shows the brand image of the industrial manufacturer.

Human resources
Tongwang company has a team of highly educated and multi-disciplinary technicians, including system analysts, software engineers, hardware design engineers, mechanical structure design engineers, industrial stylists and graphic art designers. Many of them have Microsoft Certificate of Software Engineer and Art Association Membership Certificate.

strategic target
In line with the guideline of sincere cooperation and lasting development, the company carries out the management strategy of "specializing in technology, excellence in service, excellence in quality and distinctive features", relying on the leading technology and high-quality service, adheres to the concept of "market-oriented, technology-based, innovation and development, and integrity as guarantee", and constantly creates excellent business performance.